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With a background in print, web, radio, film, theatre and TV, travel writers and media consultants Anurag and Priya work closely with tourism boards, publications, brands, PR agencies and hospitality partners to help promote travel and tourism. They were part of the Jury of Outlook Traveller’s Annual Readers Survey Awards 2014 and the inaugural Boutique Hotel Awards 2016. They contribute to leading publications like Outlook Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, JetWings, Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, Discover India, Rail BandhuTravel Plus, Lonely Planet, Time Out Explorer, Tiger Tales and Saevus, to name a fewThey have several books to their credit – Big Book Kerala and Bengaluru & Karnataka (encyclopedia-cum-guides) for Bangalore-based publishers Stark World, the international Michelin Green Guides to Tamil Nadu and The Golden Triangle, ‘In Search of Solace’, a coffee table book on Arunachal Pradesh and the 10th edition of the Rough Guide to India. 

For destination promotion, Anurag and Priya have worked closely with Wayanad Tourism Organization, Kerala Tourism, Jharkhand Tourism, Chhattisgarh Tourism, Goa Tourism and Odisha Tourism to name a few, besides several international tourism boards – Peru, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Bhutan, Oman, Seychelles, Mauritius, among others. They have scripted four documentary films for Andaman Tourism hosted by Tom Alter. Currently, they are based in Bangalore working on a multi-media and book project documenting the diverse cuisine of Karnataka and research for a regional theme restaurant Oota for Total Environment. Anurag & Priya run Red Scarab, a specialized media outfit that creates customized content for travel, hospitality and allied industries. Contact them at and chase their travels on Instagram at @red_scarab and Facebook @Red Scarab


From advertising copy, web content, rock lyrics, radio jingles to film scripts, Anurag Mallick has written as widely as he has travelled. After a course in business management and four years in advertising, his foray into tourism started with developing The Drifter, a travel channel on dedicated to offbeat budget travel in India. A regular contributor to leading travel publications for over 15 years, he has co-authored several Outlook Traveller guides like 52 Weekend Breaks from Bangalore, Kerala Guide, 100 Holidays in the Hills & Trekking Guide to India. Anurag is part of Wild World India, a Delhi-based tour company ( ranked among the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth 2009 by National Geographic Adventure. He was lyricist and spoken word for Bangalore-based rock band Document: Done and was an assistant writer with a cameo in Priyadarsan’s 2009 film Aakrosh. Follow his adventures at @anuragamuffin


With a career spanning over 15 years in diverse media, Priya Ganapathy is a top ranker in Mass Com from Bangalore University. She started her journalistic career as a features writer with Indian Express and TOI and has freelanced for Inside Outside, Good Housekeeping, Magna and was a weekly columnist with DNA. A popular RJ who was part of the team that set up India’s first private FM station, she is known by her radio avatars ‘Sister Stella’ and ‘Lingo Leela’, which bagged the Emvie Award. She was adjudged one of Bangalore’s Top 32 Woman Achievers. Priya has acted in Stumble, a National Award-winning film and scripted Rockumentary, a film on the rocks of Banjara Hills that won two International Golden Aster Awards. Donning many hats as a writer, voice-over artist and emcee, she also scripted and anchored an exclusive Design Show on TV called Design Matters. Besides hosting big ticket cultural and corporate events like Bangalore Habba, Emerging Kerala, Ad Club Awards and Karnataka Tourism Investor’s Meet, Priya has also done voice-overs for several documentaries, TV shows and films. Follow her adventures at @priyaganapathy

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  1. Hi Anurag and Priya,
    Reading this, I felt – what a great union you two make!
    No doubt – this blog is an amazing work – with its immense wealth of information. I’m quite interested reading through!

  2. Hi Priya, I used to be your colleague at the New Indian Express, many many aeons ago. Love what you and Anurag are doing with Red Scarab. Wishing you more travels, and fewer travails! What’s the story behind the name though?

    • Hey Divya, of course i remember you. Thanks for writing in… It’s great that you like our blog. The name Red Scarab itself is a long story. But suffice to say that the scarab is a sacred dung beetle that symbolizes the union of male & female. Two people who think like one… But going beyond gender, it’s also a symbol of creation/creativity:) The red was just a dash of colour – passion to be creative:) cheers and happy travels!

  3. Anurag – Just saw your picture as a jury couple in outlook traveller. The face and the beard reminded me of Anurag at CBS. So dug out a few details about you and its nice to see you enjoying what you have always liked – travel and exploration. Take care. Rgds Abhaya Gupta, CBS (1993-96).
    P.s. will try and follow your blog for some exiting travel expetiences of yours.

  4. HI Anurag & Priya,

    I read your blog. It’s awesome. Keep it up. 🙂
    Actually I was searching about SivaKasi on net and reached to your blog. I read it fully, it’s so good. The way you narrate the story is awesome. You people should be writer also. 😛

    My point is to writing to you is that I am planning to open a small business of fireworks in Sivakashi.:) So, I need some contacts who can help me and guide me to initiate that. Please let me know If you have any help for me regarding this.

    Please send the info. on my mail Id:

    I am so grateful to you.

    Prateek S

  5. Hey Anurag & Priya, I think this blog is great. You present us with some really good piece of information as well as interesting experience. I love the way you portray your skills. I must say you both are great blogger and this is an interesting blog. So keep writing, I’m curious about your next post. Why don’t you check out my blog and tell me whether you find it interesting.

    • Thanks Gopal! Glad you enjoy our stories… as we love gathering them. Your blog reflects your spirit and passion for travel…wishing you more adventures:)

  6. im a cross between couch potato and cyber nomad. but this travelblog is kinda kneejerking me to reality that’s called Earth.

    • thank you zorba! If our blog could now draw a homebound hybrid to hit the road…it would be something! after all, the only difference between a living room and living is the room:)

  7. Hi Anurag and Priya.. U guys must be the same mad guys who were with Oyeindia and yes, I used to be u r hapless correspondent/reporter from Hyderabad. I even remember co-ordinating some weird, futuristic (during early 2000) webcast ya phir some simulcast. I had no clue what I did but was damn kicked about doing something for a uth website during the dotcom boom. great to c ur work… u guys rock – Manju Latha Kalanidhi

    • hi manju latha! yes, we are the same and nothing’s changed except our hair and worn out footwear! glad that u remember oyeindia as fondly as we do. thanks for dropping by and hope you’re having fun.

  8. Hey you guys! It’s really amusing and mind-pleasant to see such kind of blog. Really a great work! Keep writing. I landed here since I was searching for kasara ghat. Really really appreciable work. Even I love travelling and write about it. Your blog has given me an amazing idea to write as well. Thanks a lot again. Cheers.
    Do visit mine,

    • Thanks Samasti. It’s a large blogosphere out there… and our paths have crossed with Mridula, Anuradha and other travel writers/bloggers on some trips – it’s always great to meet them. Good that you stumbled upon us. Do check out our Facebook page as well. Happy travels! Cheers, Anurag/Priya

    • Thanks a bunch Rashmi! Glad you loved the piece. Sorry for the super late reply…we’ve been travelling like crazy! Just wanted to say your message is truly appreciated. Wishing you happy and safe travels! 🙂

  9. Good Morning,
    I work with WelcomHeritage Hotels. I would like to inform you that Jukaso Ganges is no longer associated with WelcomHeirtage Hotels. I would be grateful if your remove the prefix “WelcomHeritage” from the pages containing Jukaso Ganges.

    Thanks and Regards

  10. Hi, this if Fred You two had visited J Hearsch Bakery and then met me. I am available on +91 9820219457. Michelle Gibson is the granddaughter of Hearsch. Her email is
    You can contact her.
    Your coming over has left a very warm memory. I felt that you were two souls who have a strong connection to everything. You do things from the heart. I’ll read your blogs sometime this week and reply. I’m a travel bug, but it’s more in the journey and less in the destination. I love driving, be it around the home, to work and back, or on a long one. My life is one big journey filled with joy. May you too be joyous. God bless.
    p.s. The website is not active, I’ve yet to complete it.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely note (and Michelle’s contacts), dear Fred!
      It was indeed lovely meeting you and your family. We had a delightful evening at your place. We were quite busy with our travels until Covid 19 brought the wheels under our feet and the world to a grinding halt. Now that we’re homebound for a bit, we’re catching up on everything that was put on the back burner. Hope you and your wonderful family are keeping well and safe… Trust that you all are staying indoors are far from the virus and covidiots roaming the streets. We are enjoying life’s simple pleasures – music, our writing work, being with folks, taking care of the garden and watching the birds and butterflies flitting about. So nothing to complain. God bless you all. Much love and hugs – Priya & Anurag.

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